NGPC | Primm, NV

NGPC | Primm, NV

NGPC Round 8 Primm, NV. The O'Neal riders were back in action for another weekend of racing. The track at Primm is always a fast, dusty, with the combination of sand and hardpack that demands a lot from our riders to post good results. All of our riders had a great weekend as they are heading into the final rounds of the 2021 season. 


Colton Aeck aboard his 3 Bros Kilmartin KTM machine ran a very calculated race on sunday. He didn't get the best start but made passes very early on to sit himself in first after coming off of the truck track. From there he lead the entire race until he had to pit for fuel, however, maintained contact with the lead rider and pushed to obtain that 1st place position again. It was a great race for the fans to watch as Aeck and Olivera (who placed 2nd) were within 2-8 seconds of each other the entire race. At the end it was Aeck who would take the top podium position and make a charge at the points championship with 2 rounds left in the season to go. In his words "I had a great race and couldn't have asked for anything better, I had a lot of fun out there and look forward to continuing this momentum and finishing out this season strong."


JUSTIN SEEDS | 2nd Vet Pro:

Justin lead the majority of the race, but would fall backwards after battling for the lead and falling in a corner soon after losing the position to Robby. 

In his words: "Was nice to lead some laps this round and almost bring it home. Unfortunately just didn't have enough at the end to hold robby off. Its been a fun season so far getting to push like I did in the pro class without any of the pressure. Robby and I are keeping each other honest."



Thomas came out of the gate with a solid opening lap right behind mason in 4th and tried to stay close until he started to lose some of the pace. He looked great on the bike all weekend and he looks like he is gaining some traction. 

In his words: "Race report Got off to a good start, probably the best one I’ve had all year. learned the pace of the top guys on the first lap. Eventually finished 7th again. My riding improved a lot even though the results don’t show it. I’m looking forward to this off weekend to keep working on my weaknesses. Thank you to everyone for all the support."


Congratulations to all of our O'Neal riders. We look forward to seeing you guys continue to push these final rounds of the outdoor series!