RACER X | Martin Davalos Retires

RACER X | Martin Davalos Retires

Per Racer X:

This evening, long-time professional motocross and supercross racer Martin Davalos took to social media to officially announce his retirement. The 34-year-old native of Ecuador suffered a crash during press day for Saturday’s Salt Lake City 1 Supercross that ultimately resulted in a broken collarbone and concussion. Davalos said that his intention was to end his career following the finale in eight days, but unfortunately it has come to an untimely end.


"Here it is guys. I am sitting here with my eyes tearing up thinking about how amazing my career has been...how I came to the states when I was 15 years old— alone and as a nobody from such a small country. I left my family behind to do what I loved the most which was to race my motorcycle. I am so grateful that my family sacrificed so much to help my dream come true. And I am proud of all I’ve achieved. With that being said, I have decided it is time for me to hang my boots up and step away from racing. My plan was to retire after the last round but unfortunately during press day today I had a crash that caused a broken collarbone and concussion. This career has been full of highs and lows, but I have accomplished things I never thought or dreamed of doing and I’m so thankful to the Lord for allowing me to do so."


Davalos had waited years for a shot in 450SX. He finally got that chance last year with Monster Energy/Lucas Oil Team Tedder KTM and scored AMA 450SX Rookie of the Year honors. His best result was a fifth last year in Atlanta, where he ran in podium position for most of the main event.

Davalos began his career in 2006 where he immediately impressed with his speed and tenacity. Being the first rider to compete in AMA Supercross from Ecuador, he carried a passion for racing at the highest level that was often unmatched by his competitors. He eventually amassed five 250SX class victories and was desperately close to championship glory on more than one occasion.

Last year, Davalos made the full time jump in the 450SX class where his experience helped him earn rookie of the year honors at 33-years-old. This season has been a struggle for him, but he still was consistently putting his Team Tedder KTM in the main event against the best riders in the world. Now, 15 years and two months after he made his supercross debut, the curtain has set on his career. Felicidades, Martin!