Last month we were able to collab with a group who, in late March, met in Green River, Utah to kick off their latest project. A fitting start to the project since Green River is arguably the birthplace of desert free-riding. Some quick shooting was done there, they got all the gear sorted, and then they headed south to Hanksville, Utah. Read below about their incredible trip!

About another hour south of Hanksville is the turn off for Poison Springs Rd. A 4-wheel drive trail that follows the along the bottom of Poison Springs “creek”, at times the road is barely the width of the truck and at the bottom of 60 to 80 ft cliffs on either side. After an hour or 2 on Poison Springs Rd., they found an abandoned and eroding mining road.

This “road” ascended to a bench between 2 cliff bands and traverse the bench for several miles. At times 8 to 10 ft wide with 100ft drop on one side and 100ft wall of stone on the other. Eventually the road dead ended at a wash out and they transition to bikes.

Packed up camera, trail building, and camping gear and ride/hike the remaining 2 miles to the start of the “trail”.

The trail descended 600ft or so to the Dirty Devil River. They crossed the river to access the mouth of the canyon.

Once in the canyon, They spent two full days exploring, building, and shooting inside the canyon.

Follow the crew below! :

Photographer: Scott Cody: @scottcodyphoto


Ben Ortowski: @onboardwithben

Westley Cody: @2wheeledwestley