WORCS | Glen Helen Double Header

WORCS | Glen Helen Double Header

This last weekend our off-road riders took their talents to Glen Helen for WORCS rounds 7 & 8. Double Header weekends are tough on riders, bikes, and the entire team that supports them. The added pro section did not aid to the damage these riders would face testing their abilities and bike limits to get through the 200ft rock section.


O'NEAL rider Colton Aeck was off of the box on Saturday but knew what he needed to work on to have a chance at it on Sunday. He worked his way up to first but the rocks posed a challenge and was fourth after the first lap. Charging hard again towards the rock section there was a lot of lapped traffic still stuck there but he navigated it well and secured his fourth position going into lap three. Unfortunately, however, the WORCS officials decided to red flag the race and remove that section as it was affecting the racing of the pro competitors. The entire field then found themselves lining up for a restart however this time it would just be 1 hour and have no more pro section. Colton took the restart as another opportunity, with another gate drop he found himself in fifth off the start but then worked his way up to first before finishing lap one, from there he lead the entire race and put on a good battle with Tallon Lafontaine. In Colton's words "Man what a weekend, Saturday was a bummer, I had good speed but struggled in the rocks and ended up 5th. Sunday I got a bad start and but made some great passes and ended up with the win! It's been a long year and pretty frustrating at times but I am so happy to finally grab a win! Can't wait for more of this!"


Team Purvines also had a strong weekend. 


Justin rode hard but didn't have the edge he needed to secure a first. 

In his words: "1st day wasn’t a very good day for me. I was fighting to find energy all day and just didn’t have anything for Robby after the first lap. Day two was definitely better and I was feeling good up until I tried to beat a lapper to the corner and at the last second I realized I wasn’t going to make the pass and instead of taking him out I decided to take my self out into the fence loosing the lead and having to finish with yet another second place finish"



Tyler has had a bit of bad luck lately with some small nagging injuries, but he is overcoming them. Despite the injuries, he isn't quitting and keeps fighting to be on the track whatever the outcome is. Some solid finishes for him this weekend. 

In his words: "Solid weekend all in all. Saturdays pro race got off to a decent start and was in the back of the pack before getting to the pro section. The pro section this weekend really played well in my favor and I was able to get through it cleanly most laps and make some good passes and make up some good time. I would eventually make my way up to 5th for the finish of Saturday’s race. Sunday’s pro race seemed to be the same scenario as the day before with the pro section helping me out and I was feeling great on the bike running 5th again with a good gap to 6th until they red flagged the race. They would take out the pro section and that changed the whole dynamic of the race. I would end up finishing 7th at the end of day. Can’t complain and excited for the next one. Thanks to everyone for the support for 2021"



Thomas was consistent with 7-7 finishes and continues to learn where the pace is right now in the 250 class. It is more competitive than ever and the demand for speed is high. His progression is fantastic so far. 

In his words: "Race report. Saturday got a bad start and made a few passes on the first lap. Got stuck in the rocks for way to long and had to try and catch up the rest of the race finishing 7th. Sunday was interesting. Got off to another bad start but worked my way into 5th before they red flagged the race. After the restart nothing changed on the start and I worked my way up to 7th and stayed there the rest of the race. Just need to be better. Get to try again next weekend at NGPC. Thanks to everyone who supports the team and gets us to the races!"



Ava struggled Saturday to find the speed to land on the podium, but she took that as fuel for Sunday and turned it around to get third. She also qualified for the pro-am race and competed in that for the extra practice. Slowly but surely she is finding her pace.

In her words: "Round 7 and 8 of WORCS is done and dusted. Saturday was rough for me since I put myself in a bad position being 30 seconds behind 2nd and 3rd after the first lap. I was able to make up some time but it wasn’t enough to seal the deal to make it on the podium so we finished with a 4th. Sunday came around and I felt better mentally even though I was a little bit drained physically from the day before, but I put that in the back of my mind. Got a great start which of course put me in a great position and was battling all race for 3rd place and finally put the pass on 3rd to seal the deal and finish out with another podium! Was also able to qualify for my first pro race which is awesome and finally showing what I can do. Ready to knock the next few races out and get ready for the new year!"