WORCS | Mesquite, NV

WORCS | Mesquite, NV

Per Purvines race team recap: 

WORCS Round 9 Mesquite MX, October 23-24. A brand new track design for this round and it was very demanding. This track had every form of GP mixed into it including some of the deepest sand to date we have had to race on. It was consistent with baby powder, square edges, blue groove and everything between. The entire team worked hard and fought through what we would consider the toughest round this season. We had some success and some bad luck, but we are certainly looking forward to racing in Primm, NV this weekend for NGPC.


JUSTIN SEEDS | 2nd Vet Pro:

Justin was looking great and set some fast times even for the pro class with Robby Bell. The battles continue to be something worth watching between these guys and was cool to watch the close racing. Justin had a fall in the sand early in the first lap and just never recovered the lost time. He settles for a second not far off of robby who finished first. 

In his words: "Was able to get a amazing start and get out front early. I knew I needed to pull a gap early to make the race a little easier to manage but unfortunately the sand of mesquite had other ideas I ended up going over the bars and ended up re aggravating my wrist. I try to push thru but had nothing for Robby. Hopefully we can pull it together this weekend for ngpc."


TYLER LYNN | 5th Pro:

Tyler had another consistent weekend. Though his results aren't showing, he is getting much better on the 450 in many ways and things are looking bright for him.  

In his words: "Another Solid weekend in the books. Always super excited to go race in mesquite as it’s one of my favorite tracks. Came into the weekend super prepared and was ready to get after it. Pro race I got off to the best start I have had all year running third and quickly made a dumb mistake on my end and over jumped some rollers causing me to over blow a corner putting me back into about 9th place. put my head down and made some quick passes and caught back up to 6th by the end of lap one, when going through the rollers on the Moto track I had gotten kicked sideways thrown off my bike hitting the ground super hard. took me a few seconds to get up and get going again. after that I just pushed my hardest for the remainder of the 2 hours and would bring it into the finish with a 5th. results aren’t showing the improvements but I’m feeling better and better every week on the bike and excited to get after it for the rest of the year. Thanks to all that make it possible!"


THOMAS DUNN | 7th Pro 250:

Thomas is making some movement. More valuable seat time that is setting him up for much success in the future. 

In his words: "Didn’t get off to a great start but was able to make some passes on the first lap. Rode pretty tight the first 45 minutes which was frustrating. About half way through I started to find a flow, learned how to ride the sand a bit better and felt like I was riding good. Just to little to late. Need to clean up the first half to be with those top guys. Another p. 7 looking forward to next weekend in primm."


AVA SILVESTRI | 3rd Womens Pro:

Ava kept it a lot closer to second place this round and was very close to getting it done, but eventually settled for her 3rd place finish. Looking better each and every round.

In her words: "Round 9 of WORCS this weekend out at Mesquite. Coming in I had a huge mental block after a bad crash I had there in January for the NGPC but luckily after Friday practice I was able to move past it and be ready for Saturday. The speed was there once again but of course too many little mistakes on the first and last lap, I fell short of that 2nd place once again by 9 seconds. A little frustrated but hoping for better results at the last couple rounds!"