WORCS | Three Peaks Oasis

WORCS | Three Peaks Oasis

WORCS Round 6 Three Peaks Oasis, September 11-12. A new venue for all of us, Worcs invested into this round and has a 5 year plan to keep it growing. Everyone was on the same playing field learning a new track and soil. In the morning it was hero dirt and by the afternoon it was as if the ISDE had rolled through there and tore it all up. 

All of our riders put on a great ride this weekend, overcoming the diversity of the track and the dust that came with it. Justin Seeds would fight for his spot in vet pro, Mason Ottersberg and Thomas Dunn tore it up in the 250 pro class, Ava Silvestri would return and land on the podium in woman's pro, and Tyler Lynn would struggle from a nagging injury sustained during practice early in the week.


Justin Seeds pushed hard, but couldn't get it done against Robby Bell this weekend. They both battled hard from start to finish. It may be a vet pro class, but it is quickly becoming serious enough they may have to start training. 

In his words: "Got off to a good jump on the start but unfortunately Robby was able to hold the inside and get out front. I tried to stay with him but he was in another level that day. I wish I had something for him but I’ll just bring some extra fight to Glen Helen in two weeks."


Tyler had a practice crash last week that injured his thumb and it showed in his performance this weekend. He struggled once the track got square edged and he rode around for the two hours to collect points. He did not quit and we are proud of him for the effort he could put into it. 

In his words: "The race started off really well and I found a flow quickly and was running a good pace for the first 3 laps, but not long after my thumb started getting weak and very sensitive again from my crash at cache valley and soon couldn’t hardly hold on to the bars with my left hand. I tried to push through it but it just wasn’t worth trying to push when my hand couldn’t handle it and didn’t want to make a bigger mistake by doing so. So i backed it off and just cruised around for remainder of the race to get a finish. Not what was we looking for but we will be back again in 2 weeks. Thanks to all that make this possible!!"


Thomas had one of his best races so far this season. He had a bad start, but he was able to regroup and push to the end to get his best results of the season. 

In his words: "Decent weekend in Cedar City. Got a horrible start and had to work my way through the pack. Found some smooth lines and felt strong all the way to the end. I could see 5th with a little over a lap to go, just couldn’t make it happen. Need to find some speed to run with the front guys. P.6 onto Glen Helen. Can’t thank the whole Purvines team and all are sponsors enough. Happy to be racing!"


Ava made her return this weekend and put it on the box. Her moto racing aided in her speed this weekend to get third. She gets better every round and is showing that she has what it takes to win as she gets more experience.

In her words: "First race back since April and nothing better than ending the weekend with a podium. The summer was great to me and I definitely saw a lot of improvements in my riding and fitness, and I was ready to put it to the test. Unfortunately, after unclassified on Friday I knew the track didn’t suit me well and I was going to find myself struggling to ride to my ability. Saturday came around and I was actually riding better than I unexpected but a slow 3rd lap set me back 21 seconds and made me lose valuable time. I was able to pick it back up after that and finish with another 3rd which is always good! I saw a lot of consistency which is a win for me! Ready for some double header action at Glen Helen in two weeks!"